Miter square

A square is such a basic tool. In fact, it’s one of the six primary construction tools. With it and a level, ruler, hammer, saw and drill, you can build just about anything that’s made from wood. It may take you a while, but you can get it done. The square’s only purpose is to establish an accurate 90 [degree] angle and – in the case of a miter square like this – a 45 [degree] angle too. For cabinetmakers and furniture makers, determining square is absolutely essential. It is the geometric imperative of most wood joinery. Without an accurate square, good craftsmanship is all but impossible.

For some woodworkers-barn builders come to mind – the square is somewhat less important. If confronted with the choice between a level and a square, the barn builder will always take the level. But for those of us who want to pursue high-end joinery, as well as executing accurate layouts and performing precise machine setups, this tool is hard to beat.

Like the other instruments in this special woodworking section, our square is made of Honduran mahogany and trimmed with solid brass. If carefully constructed and well cared for, it should define squareness in your shop for a very long time. And best of all, you won’t have to lend it to any barn builders!

The handle

Begin construction by cutting to size a piece of 3/4 x 1 3/8-in. mahogany. Then, set up a table-mounted router to cut the finger grip on both sides of the handle. Put a 3/8-in.-rad. core box bit in the router and adjust it so it projects 1/8 in. above the surface of the table. Then, position the fence 11/16 in. from the center of the bit and clamp two stopblocks to the fence. The space between them should be 9 3/8 in., centered on the router bit.

Make the cut by holding the workpiece against the fence with the right end against the stopblock and the left end elevated so the bottom face clears the bit. Turn on the power, lower the raised end to contact the table, and then slide the workpiece to the left stop. Turn off the router, flip over the piece and use the same technique to cut the other side of the handle (Photo 1).

The next step is to rout the rabbets for the brass plates on the lower end of the handle. To form the curved shoulder, first build the routing jig shown in the drawing. Then, install a 7/16-in. guide bushing in your router base and a 1/4-in. straight bit in your router collet. With the bit adjusted for a 1/16-in. depth of cut, make the first pass following the template (Photo 2). Then, remove the rest of the waste by working freehand with the router. Be sure to tack nail the workpiece to the jig to keep from sliding.

The 45 [degree] miter on the top end of the handle must be precise if the tool is to be of any real value. So, proceed with great care. Use a miter gauge or a mitering jig to make the cut. Once you are set up for the cut, make a test miter on a piece of scrap to make sure the angle is correct. To verify the accuracy of the cut, cheek it with a quality protractor. When you are satisfied, make the finished cut (Photo 3).

Next, set up a tenoning jig on the table saw and adjust the blade height and fence position to cut the 1/16-in.deep rabbets for the brass plates on both sides of the handle. Clamp the work to the jig with a scrap block behind it to prevent splintering (Photo 4).

Cut the slot in the handle for housing the blade using a band saw with a fence clamped to the table. Check the thickness of the brass blade, then set up the saw and fence to make a matching cut. Use index cards as shims, as required, between the work and the fence to obtain the precise kerf width (Photo 5). Read more Miter saw reviews

Cutting the brass

The blade and handle faceplates are cut from a .064 x 2 x 12-in. brass strip. For practical purposes, the .064 thickness can be considered 1/16 in. Keep in mind that the brass stock we used is ostensibly flat. But in cross section the 1/16-in.-thick strip reveals slightly rounded areas near each edge. To achieve a truly flat surface, first attach the strip to a piece of 3/4-in.-thick scrap wood. Use two countersunk brass screws driven in the waste at diagonal corners. Then attach a woodblock handle for a positive grip, and sand the surface on a bench-mounted belt sander. Work from 120-grit through 220- and 320-grit sanding belts. For a satin-smooth finish, complete the sanding by rubbing the work over 400- and 600-grit papers taped to a flat surface (Photo 6).

The saw is substantial. It weighs 60 pounds, and at 2 feet square, it has a footprint nearly twice that of the DeWalt. If you plan on using this saw with amiter stand, you’ll want to make sure it fits first. The 1290 comes almost completely assembled right out of the box. After installing the dust bag and hold-down clamp, I had the tool up and running immediately.

Bevel Adjustment

This saw’s bevel adjustment is located above the bevel pivot, making the adjustment lever visible from the front of the saw, unlike the knob or bolt located behind the pivot on most other compoundmiter saws. The improved location makes it easier to change settings, because you don’t have to reach around to the back of the saw while holding the motor assembly. By releasing the lever with my left hand and steadying the motor and slide assembly with my right, I can change bevel settings on the MS1290 without changing my body position (see Figure 1). Setting common bevels is made easier by a pin-type lock with detents at 0, 22 1/2, and 45 degrees, but you can override the detents by simply rotating the pin 180 degrees to deactivate it.


Miter Adjustment

Using a lever-type control similar to the bevel lock, the miter adjustment has 11 presets for common angles and a slick override system activated by a thumbwheel on the locking lever (Figure 2). Unlike the typical spring-activated detents used on other saws, the thumbwheel will remain in the off position if you prefer. But remembering to reengage it after changing the miter can be a challenge. Both miter and bevel scales are etched into easy-to-see, high-contrast metal plates and include adjustable indicators. A nice touch is a chart on the miter scale showing miter and bevel settings for cutting crown with a common 38-degree spring angle on the flat (Figure 3).



The single greatest advantage of sliding compound miter saws is their unsurpassed crosscut capacity, and the MS1290 is no exception. It has an impressive, 13-inch crosscut capacity at 90 degrees and almost 10 inches at 45 degrees. It miters to 60 degrees left and right and bevels to 50 degrees left and right. I was able to cut 5-inch crown in place against the fence, but cutting 5 1/4-inch speed base against the fence was a problem. The bolt and washer that secure the blade interfere with the cut, stopping it at the final 1/4 inch.

Other Features

The MS1290 has some features that are lacking on other saws I’ve used. It includes a cord wrap, so you don’t trip over the cord when carrying the heavy saw. Its large and reasonably effective dust bag hangs on a metal frame, so it keeps its shape and holds more dust. Carrying handles are placed on top of the cutting head and on the front of the table. The two front handles are cast into the housing, almost guaranteeing that they’ll never break.

The clear plastic guard retracts quickly and, since it doesn’t hold a lot of dust, doesn’t obscure the cut line. Another welcome feature is the massive table that prevents the saw from tipping and provides ample room for even the biggest stock. The rear fence has wings that adjust for bevels and handy white inserts for marking repeat cuts with a pencil; they’re erasable with a swipe of your finger. The MS1290’s manual is easy to understand, contains all the pertinent information, and effectively describes the adjustments for truing the saw.

The biggest surprise on the 1290 was the blade. I’m used to manufacturers putting the lowest-quality blades on their saws to keep the price down, but the 60-tooth carbide blade was quiet, didn’t wobble, and cut a variety of materials surprisingly well for a standard crosscut blade.

Although most of the controls are excellent, the depth stop needs a little refinement. I found it clumsy to set and got inconsistent results when making multiple dado passes (Figure 4).


The Verdict

The MS1290 is surprisingly quiet and has some nice features. I especially liked the excellent bevel and miter controls. It has a larger crosscut capacity than my DeWalt, and it was accurate right out of the box. My initial concern that the massive 15-amp motor would trip breakers proved groundless–even when I tried to bog it down. My biggest complaint is with the saw’s size and weight. Granted, a saw’s capacity has a direct relation to its size, and a bigger saw will weigh more than a smaller one. But this saw is a bear to carry around. Although the front-mounted handles are meant to make it easier to carry, I bumped the saw housing against my legs with every step.

Nonetheless, it’s clear that Ridgid did its homework designing this saw. With the exception of the depth stop, all of the adjustments and controls are improvements over previous designs. For my work, it’s too big and heavy, but if you tend to work on big jobs for longer periods of time, or if you need a good miter saw for the shop, it would be an excellent choice. The Ridgid MS1290 sells for $600 and includes a lifetime warranty.


Apply masking tape to both sides of the brass to prevent marring. Then, mark the surface of the tape for cutting. Outline the faceplates and the blade. Then, cut the pieces to the outside of the layout lines using a hacksaw and a blade with at least 18 teeth per inch. Once the pieces are cut, use a disc and belt sander to smooth the edges. Remember that it’s more convenient to sand the curved edges on the lower plates before they are cut from the larger piece of brass (Photo 7).

To safely finish sand the pieces on the disc sander, secure them to a piece of wood with pan head screws and washers (Photo 8). Next, cut the two edge wear strips to size. To do this, first sand a 3/4 x 12-in. brass strip flat. Then, cut the pieces about 1/4 in. oversize in length to allow for finish sanding of the ends flush to the wood.

Use a hacksaw fitted with two blades to cut the short blade slot on the top end of the inside wear strip. Follow up with a needle file if necessary to obtain a slip fit. Because these strips are attached with screws and epoxy later, bore the screwholes now. Just tape the strips to the handle and bore a 1/16-in. pilot hole for each screw. Follow these with 7/64-in. shank holes and finish up with countersunk holes for the screwheads. We used 1/2-in.-long No. 4 fh brass screws.

Attaching the brass

For good adhesion, score the back of the brass pieces with 100-grit sandpaper. Then, start assembly with the faceplates. Working with fastsetting epoxy, attach only one piece at a time. Apply the epoxy sparingly to both surfaces and use masking tape to hold the pieces in place.

After the adhesive has set, carefully sand off any squeeze-out. Then turn to the wear strips. Attach the inner strip with epoxy and screws. But install the outer strip with screws only at this point. It will be attached permanently with epoxy later, after the blade is installed. This avoids the possibility of epoxy getting into the blade kerf and clogging it.

Use a disc sander to flush sand the edges of the strips to the top and bottom of the handle. And use a belt sander to shave the screwheads flush. Always work in quick passes to avoid overheating the piece, which could loosen the epoxy.

Secure the blade with three brass rods that serve as rivets. To ensure a precise right-angle setting of the blade, make the simple fixture shown in the drawing for boring the rivet holes through the handle and blade. When the jig is set, insert the blade into the handle. Then, snug the blade and handle assembly firmly against the corner of the control block. Nail one batten against the blade and one against the handle to prevent any movement.

Set the fixture on the drill press to bore the three 1/8-in. holes (Photo 9). Also, bore two rivet holes in the lower faceplates. To provide space for the rivet heads to spread, countersink each hole slightly, no more than 1/32 in. deep.

Cut five 7/8-in.-long rivets from a 1/8-in.-dia. brass rod. Push them into the holes, allowing the ends to project about 1/16 in. Rest each rivet on a vise anvil and round over the end by tapping with a hammer (Photo 10). Unscrew the outer wear strip, apply epoxy and reattach it to the handle with screws. When everything is assembled, tape scrap strips of 1/4-in. plywood over the blade to protect it from accidental marring. Sand the rivet heads flush to the surface, using a belt sander (Photo 11).

For our finish, we applied a coat of Behlen’s Solar Lux medium red mahogany stain and then two coats of Deft Semi-gloss Clear Wood Finish. After each coat dried, we rubbed lightly with 0000 steel wool. We completed the square by applying and buffing out a coat of paste wax.


* 3/4 x 2 3/4 x 12-in. Honduran mahogany, No. 11825: The Woodworkers’ Store, 4365 Willow Dr., Medina MN 55340; 800-279-4441.

* .064 x 3/4 x 12-in. brass strip; .064 x 2 x 12-in. brass strip; 1/8 x 12-in. brass rod: Armor Crafts, P.O. Box 445, East Northport, NY 11731; 800-292-8296.

* Behlen’s Solar Lux medium red mahogany stain, No. 99P10.03: Garrett Wade, 161 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10013; 800-221-2942.


Oscillating Multi-Tool – Now You Can Tackle, All Tasks With Ease!

Oscillating Multi-Tool – Now You Can Tackle, All Tasks With Ease!


Oscillating multi tools are such kinds of tools which are mainly found in to be used for any kinds of reconstruction, resizing or reshaping works. However, this best oscillating tool is so much essential tool for our house, that, we can’t even think to do any kind of repairing works without the assistance of its.

Not only for any single purpose, the oscillating multi tools definitely can be used or be collected for several purposes too. Though sometimes it can contain the higher budget, but you have to remember that, the oscillating multi tools are just invented for your beneficial purposes.

Therefore, you mayn’t just be able to imagine that how much the oscillating multi tools can be beneficial to us. But we may provide you some of the examples-
•Giving shape to the very hard surface.
•Work with flexibility in any tight space
•Reshape the door’s structure
•The plumbing pipes can be cut
•Do any reconstructing works of a salvage yard

Giving shape to the very hard surface:

As oscillating multi tools have strong blades, it can easily cut the very hard surface or things. It doesn’t a matter that the surface was made from wood, iron or glass; the oscillating multi tools can easily cut or reshape them within the very few minutes. Even you can’t understand what the real shape before cutting was. This thing can’t be possible without the assistance of oscillating multi tools.

Work with flexibility in any tight space

Oscillating multi tools contain various kinds of blades which can be differentiated by the number and sizes. So, wherever your hands may be not reached, but your works have to be done, the oscillating multi tools can easily reach there with its thinnest blades and come out by completing the works perfectly. So, the works, which can’t be done by any human, this tool can do it without any troubles within the shortest period.

Reshape the door’s structure

Sometimes, you may have to face adjusting your doors with your room structure. Or it can happen that after buying the doors, you may find difficulty to set it. But you may be unable to exchange the doors again. A fish out of water situation easily appeared. To rescue from this messy condition, only an oscillating multi tool can save you. It can obviously help you to get the perfect shape of your door, according to the perfect structure.

The plumbing pipes can be cut

Plumbing pipes are too many essential things in our house. There may be so many pipes and also plumbing pipes are available in our house for numerous purposes. Especially it is highly used in kitchen and washrooms. But if some error happened in these pipes, then the conditions of kitchen and toilets can be spoiled anytime.

So, if you need to change your plumbing pipes or have to do any reconstructive works on it, then the oscillating multi tools are ready to help you anytime. If you are quite skilled and smart enough, and have your own oscillating multi tools at your home, then you should be confident to repair the pipes of your own.

Do any reconstructing works of a salvage yard

Salvage yard is the such type place where many ironic or such kinds of unused things are collected to reuse or giving the shape of recycling. So, these things are quite impossible without the help of oscillating multi tools. Moreover, the oscillating tools were mainly invented for such kinds of reason. However, a professional worker of the salvage yard could only know the exact value and using of the oscillating tool reviews, as he has to use it regularly than the other ordinary peoples.


Well! I hope you have already aware about the multi purposes of the multi oscillating tools. However, you need not to believe just my speech, I will prefer you to check its own self that my words are fully true or not. But I just can assure that, my words will not so much prove as wrong at all. Moreover, it will assist you most to find out the perfect oscillating multi tools to get the perfect works.

Read Vacuum Sealer Reviews Regularly

No matter if you are already using or planning to buy a brand new vacuum sealer; you should read vacuum sealer reviews of different users regularly to find out its more features and latest technology in this field. The best benefit of reading reviews regularly is that it will give you the idea of best cheap vacuum sealers in the market which is even more useful and better than the one you already have.

Chamber Vacuum Sealer

You can also compare which brand can save your food for more time by seeing different top brands of vacuum sealers. Remember to choose the vacuum sealer which suits your need completely. So, surf on internet about latest vacuum sealer reviews and get lot of advantage and make your vacuum sealing easier to a great extent.

What to Find In the Vacuum Sealer Reviews

Buy the vacuum sealer with advanced technology and save your food properly from its biggest enemy – Oxygen.  When food is out in open, soon the oxygen and other components in air start ruining it and so bacteria and many microbes form in it. A vacuum sealer’s work is to cover your food with airtight seal and most importantly without using nitrates or any other preservers.

When vacuum sealer makes the pouch containing your food airtight then your food can stay fresh and tasty for a very long time. It is the best way if you want to save your food for a greater period otherwise if you use plastic bags, zip locks, aluminum foil or anything like that, you will find your food full of diseases only after a day or two. [Read more…]

What are the new features included in a x rocker gaming chair ?

A x rocker gaming chair has witnessed a massive change in terms of its popularity, demand and features. From the past few years many new x rocker gaming chair models have been launched which has totally changed the concept of a x rocker gaming chair.

You must be wondering with the coming up of new features, the prices of x rocker gaming chairs would have increased manifolds. But actually, the prices have been dropped. Yes, you can now avail more features in a x rocker gaming chair and that too at affordable rates. Let’s have a look at some of the exciting features included in the new models of a x rocker gaming chair.

x rocker gaming chair

New sound features are included

  • In the previous versions of x rocker gaming chairs you would only plugin your handsets and hear basic gaming sound. But now, x rocker gaming chairs have inbuilt bass speakers which will give a terrific sound experience. You can also plugin your headphones and experience the bass sound.
  • You can also plug in your Mp3 players to these x rocker gaming chairs and enjoy your music collection while gaming. The sound quality of a x rocker gaming chair haswitnessed a drastic change over the past few years.

Control everything from your chair

  • Another amazing feature included in the x rocker gaming chairs is the control panel. With the help of control panel, you can adjust game settings, set comfort level i.e. adjust armrests, headrests and other basic settings. This new feature has definitely helped the gaming users to play games with ease and comfort.

An incredible gaming experience

  • The new x rocker gaming chairs are capable of providing a real gaming experience. A user can enhance one’s game with sound, vibration, movement which will definitely provide a real gaming experience. Playing games with real experience will definitely raise the standard of gaming as the users will play games with more feel and energy.

Different types of x rocker gaming chairs have been launched

  • Earlier there used to be limited models of a x rocker gaming chair but now there are several models which are better than one another. You can choose different x rocker gaming chairs for different games such as racing game chairs for racing games. Similarly there are other types of x rocker gaming chairs which are designed for specific category of games. There are some x rocker gaming chairs which are perfect for all games but are little bit expensive.

Use x rocker gaming chairs for different purposes

    • x rocker gaming chairs these days can be used for several other purposes than gaming. You can connect home theatre, DVD player to your x rocker gaming chair and get a cinema experience while watching movies. You can also use a x rocker gaming chair for reading books, watching TV and other purposes with maximum comfort level.

These are some of the major changes in the x rocker gaming chairs in the past few years. These changes have made x rocker gaming chairs more popular and suitable for several purposes. So, buy your x rocker gaming chair as soon as possible to perform several tasks with ease and comfort. x rocker gaming chairs are easily available on online stores, so purchase it as soon as possible.

The best way to Make a Pastoral Design Appearance in Your Kitchen

This design of kitchen might look difficult to reach with no formula that is distinct to follow, particularly in contrast to popular modern designs which only include a great deal of chrome, white and minimalistic characteristics. Happily, nevertheless, there really are a number of essential guidelines to pulling the pastoral appearance in a simple and clear-cut manner off.

Design your kitchen

First thing to keep in mind is the theory of a pastoral kitchen will be to bring the exterior, in; this means using a lot of stuff and natural colours wherever possible to make an excellent nation feel.

One approach to get this appearance that is natural for minimal expense would be to make attributes from present components in your kitchen – Why don’t you expose a brick wall or polish up those floorboards? For those who have beams making them an immediate state component will be added by a characteristic to your own room.

Aim for the ones that possess a unique pastoral allure; some of these contain alder, cherry, hickory and pine when seeking woods to your kitchen. Pick ones that satisfy your preferences and have been in a colour palette which you feel works nicely with all the remainder of your decor.

When using woods in your country style kitchen, keep in mind the less tasteful and’ more knotty’ they’re, the more pastoral they are going to appear. Wood could be manufactured to appear as old-fashioned or as modern as you enjoy, so having an enormous variety of choices out there, choose your time and effort to seek out this style you want to your house.

Wood kitchen

Other characteristics, including hardware, could be created from anything having an all-natural appearance and feel. Pottery, iron, copper and ceramic all are effective at executing this function. A copper hood generally supplies the centrepiece to the whole room and is an excellent addition to any rustic kitchen. In addition it’s possible to get a custom copper hood that’s designed to suit your room totally in design.

You might choose the very country style stuff of wrought iron, which seems fabulous as a hood, along with for pans and pots to get a state appearance that is complete.

Going using the subject that is natural, ensure your windows and window dressings are manufactured from a natural-appearing stuff and make an effort to let as much natural lights potential into your kitchen.

Make an effort to at all times stick with earthy colours in your kitchen that is pastoral. Avoid selecting vibrant tones which can be overly man-made, instead deciding on , natural alternatives that are attenuated.

All these are just a couple of suggestions on the best way to create your kitchen right into a heaven that is pastoral – remember minimize all that’s man-made in your space, and to choose natural colours and stuff.

It’s Possible For You To Use Custom Countertops to Reach Over Functionality

People might say that the house is the canvas. You are likely to have hopefully a ceiling, a flooring, walls. You will probably have a refrigerator, also it will be black, white, or stainless steel. There is likely to be perhaps a laundry room, a toilet, and an oven. Your house is an extension of yourself, than it is possible to run without your bones, but it can no longer escape the type of its own practical requirements. Luckily, the skeleton of the area is going to be pretty normal, but the potential combinations of colours, textures, and stuff is almost limitless.

Custom Countertop

Custom Countertops

Especially, custom countertops really are an excellent solution to state your imagination. Used correctly, they are able to connect to decor, floor plan, and the natural light at your disposal to offer your c cohesive feel that’s much more in relation to the total of its own parts. Obviously, don’t assume all countertop stuff is appropriate for every area of the house. This short article lays out a few of their comparative gains to the homeowner as well as the very most ordinary substances in the marketplace.


Metal countertopsIt cleans easily, it is heat resistant, plus it will stand up to almost whatever you can dish out. It is also usually more affordable than most rock choices. In the event you are choosing a modernist appearance, stainless steel and faucets and sinks of the exact same substance can integrate to produce a clean and understated aesthetic. Be warned, however, it is susceptible to fingerprints and scratches that may divert from that subject that was plain or even preserved.


Wood countertopsWood countertops are experiencing a surge in popularity despite occasional worries about upkeep. The main thing with custom countertops made from wood is the selection of the sealant as well as wood. Choices that are common are maple or cherry butcher block stuff finished using a mineral oil. The deep red grains form the darker colors as well as exceptional and amazing natural patterns than cedar or oak.


Marble, for instance, is a singularly amazing metamorphic rock that exudes quality. Though common in kitchens, it’s a relatively soft rock, susceptible to spots and scratches. Granite is the goto rock for kitchens as it’s a lot stronger.

Your house is a design space you will inhabit for quite a long time. Besides those previously, you will find a number of other alternatives for custom countertops. When painting your livein masterpiece, do not limit your palette.